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Top 3 Alternatives to Bitcoin and Ethereum

The price of crypto currency coins has surged in the past months. Investors speculating in block chain technology may consider looking into coins with a lower price point that could have more potential for immediate growth.

1. Stellar Lumes XLM/STR

2. Litecoin LTC



*While these coins have the potential to gain value quickly, the crypto market is still new and extremely volatile. It’s important be conscious that these coins can just as easily crash and you can lose money. Please invest at your own risk.

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Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Dashcoin, etc and many other cryptocurrencies are took over the financial markets by storm in 2017. So, here are the top 10 bitcoin alternative cryptocurrency you can invest in 2018.

Best Bitcoin alternatives to Invest
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